New Agora is a blog authored by Stephen Bounds that covers topics of information, knowledge, content and records management.

Stephen Bounds (BA, BCompSci, MKnowledgeMgt) is a Canberra-based Knowledge Management and IT expert with over 16 years' experience in the private and public sector.

Stephen is an industry leading expert in the RecordPoint add-on for SharePoint in compliant recordkeeping configurations for government. As Deputy CIO, Information Management at the Australian Communications and Media Authority, Stephen led the first production implementation of SharePoint + RecordPoint at the federal government level within the ACMA, proving the viability of a process-oriented approach to recordkeeping with a minimum of mandatory metadata.

Stephen specialises in the analysis of Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) – organisations or groups of organisations – to determine likely areas of sub-optimum performance within or across system boundaries. He then works with relevant stakeholders to recommend or implement technical & non-technical modifications to organisational and business systems to realise sustainable CAS performance improvements.

He enjoys discussing matters of KM theory and practice and is a frequent contributor to the actKM discussion group.

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