Information Awareness Month: CRM + EDRMS = PITA?

During May a.k.a Information Awareness Month 2013, I hope you enjoy this series of reflections on the current state of Information Management.

Technically this isn't a new contribution, since my article on integrating CRM + EDRMS systems was originally published in the March-April 2013 issue of Image and Data Magazine. However, the article is now available to read from the knowquestion website for your enjoyment. Here's an excerpt:

Without systems support, complex and ad hoc workflows will fall outside of the CRM into an unmanaged space, with staff reverting to email and/or shared drives to handle these situations. The lack of accountability and record-keeping compliance in these ad hoc processes leaves agencies wide open to administrative or legal challenges if a case process goes awry ... The need for a CRM and an EDRMS now becomes obvious. Having a system that excels at flexibly managing structured data and another one that specialises in unstructured content management would seem to yield the best of both worlds...

A number of vendors now claim an integrated approach. For example, Microsoft has improved the integration of its Dynamics CRM and SharePoint platforms. Other vendors have modular
systems that can be configured to support both requirements, such as EMC’s Documentum.

However, you should evaluate these claims with a skeptical eye. As a rule of thumb, the more generic the platform is, the more “configuration” it will require, and the higher the likelihood of custom code to deliver critical business requirements.

Click here to read the full article.

Did you know...

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