Launch of knowquestion workshops

knowquestion is proud to launch a series of workshops focusing on practical solutions to organisational problems. While grounded in Information Management and Knowledge Management theory, the workshops aim to fill skills gaps which are critical in order to deliver useful, compliant information systems and productive organisational outcomes. Jargon will be kept to a minimum with a focus on transferring skills that can be immediately put into practice.

Running in July and August 2013, these workshops are essential for managers and staff committed to delivering value, and improving their professional skills and craft. The three workshops are:

Workshop Details
Digital Transition Policy workshop
Putting the recommendations of Check-up into practice
Sydney 19 July
Canberra 24 July
Canberra 7 August
Targeting but not exclusive to Federal Government departments and agencies, the workshop provides practical advice and pragmatic techniques on meeting the requirements of the Digital Transition Policy, Check-up and related legislation while improving the efficiency of organisational practices.
Strategic Writing workshop
Communicating effectively with management & staff
Canberra 26 July
Melbourne 31 July
Sydney 14 August
For anyone wanting to take the next step in their career, this workshop demonstrates tried and tested ways to communicate strategically with senior executives, managers, and colleagues. Learn how to think logically and clearly, express yourself succinctly, and make a compelling case for action. Attendees are entitled to post-workshop feedback from the facilitator on a piece of their strategic writing.
Systems thinking and agile delivery workshop
Embracing complexity in governance & strategy
Canberra 16 August
Sydney 28 August
This workshop is essential for any manager committed to being successful in today’s rapidly changing and constantly connected world. Learn the fundamentals of complex systems and complexity theory, the basics of the most important practices and methodologies addressing complex systems realities, and practical skills in putting these techniques into practice.

If you would like to know more about the workshops, please visit the knowquestion website or contact us for more details.


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