My Upcoming Masterclass: 5th Annual National Records and Information Officers' Forum

I'm excited to announce that I will be delivering a Masterclass on "Developing a Roadmap for the 2015 Digitisation Target" for Liquid Learning's 5th Annual National Records and Information Officers' Forum on 21 February 2014.

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The Masterclass is a full-day event where I hope to give everyone a thought-provoking and highly interactive look at the challenges which face government agencies that are transitioning to a fully-digital recordkeeping and information management environment.

Key topics for the day will be:

  • Switching to an Abundance Paradigm
  • Aligning Best Practices to Real-World Practices
  • Successfully Completing the Transition to Digital and Embracing Continuous Improvement

While February may seem a long way away, the class size will be pretty small so that everyone can feel fully engaged on the day. And if you have enrolled or are thinking of coming along, there's plenty of room to customise the class content to be even more relevant to your needs. Comment here or write to me on Twitter to let me know specific topics or scenarios that are of interest to you.

Did you know...

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