Using RecordPoint to make SharePoint records-compliant

Undoubtedly, one of Microsoft's biggest successes of the past 10 years has been Microsoft SharePoint.

After a couple of stuttering early releases, SharePoint 2003 became a useful and viable choice for organisations that were heavily reliant on Microsoft Office documents (ie just about everyone), due to its ability to provide flexible, end-user customisation of sites and seamless opening and saving of documents in Office (no more download -> edit -> upload cycles!).

Strategically it's been brilliant, because it has become a natural extension of using Office for people who don't like receiving documents in their inbox like Strategic-Plan-v12.1+JC comments.docx. Microsoft's also incorporated SharePoint integration into many of their products including Dynamics CRM, and even made SharePoint the underlying platform of a few (Project Server, Forefront Identity Manager).

But that typical Microsoft ease of installation was always countered by recordkeepers who would say (with perhaps a tinge of relief) that "it wasn't records compliant". And this was true, unless you locked down most of the features that made SharePoint a platform people wanted to use in the first place! So in many organisations, SharePoint lives side by side with an "official" recordkeeping platform like TRIM or Objective.

Of course, this makes little sense outside of a policy manual. People want to do their job, but making recordkeeping artificially "separate" is a recipe for non-compliance. RecordPoint (the company) saw this as an opportunity and created RecordPoint (the product).

RecordPoint fills three key gaps in SharePoint by:

  • Applying appropriate compliance controls to SharePoint documents
  • Maintaining a scalable backend archive of records for long-term retention after their "active" business cycle has finished
  • Centralising classification and disposal management activities across SharePoint farms

If that sounds like an interesting option instead of maintaining parallel systems, knowquestion has put together a 2-page flyer to help you – and your importantly, your management – determine whether RecordPoint is right for you.

We would love to hear your feedback. Or contact us to have a longer conversation about these and other options for installing modern recordkeeping techniques into your organisation.

Did you know...

Our expertise in complex systems analysis, combined with a deep understanding of technology and modern, agile management and leadership techniques makes knowquestion uniquely positioned to find strategic solutions to your tough problems. Contact us today.


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